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CPPF is inviting individuals or organizations to sponsor a talented, low income Palestinian student mainly from refugee camps and occupied territories to help him/her to receive their higher education in universities worldwide. Your sponsorship would cover tuition, accommodation, books and living expenses for the whole period of the study program.

Your generous sponsorship will make a difference to the life of students and their families. Contact us now to select a student of your choice from the current qualified students, who is so eager to start his/her higher education journey.

Success Stories

Abdul Rahman

Abdel Rahman was educated at Augustana College in Rock Island, IL, US, graduating in 2015 with B.Sc. Honors degree in Physics and Computer Science with a minor in Mathematics. His academic Performance has always been excellent and has been on the Dean’s list almost every term with an excellent cumulative GPA. He is currently pursuing a PhD degree in mechanical engineering from Iowa State University.  His current thesis research is related to Renewable Energy with a focus on Solar cells. During the summer, of 2015 he got an internship at AUB (American University of Beirut) working for a few weeks on robotics, and for another week on aerosols.

His long term goal is to help his family financially in Lebanon, while continue conducting research that can lead to the green world which is more dependent on renewable energy. This in turn can help reduce pollution and dependence on petroleum products. Abdel Rahman is also confident that a time will come where he will be able to pay back the generosity that has been bestowed upon him by two foundations, namely; Hope Funds and the Canadian Palestinian Professional Foundation that help him pursue his education, by taking part in the future in organization(s) that can similarly help students achieve their educational objectives.

Abdel Rahman was so active on the non-academic front of his university life. He was involved in two fraternities, the social chair of the Middle Eastern club, and the president of the physics and engineering club. He won two honor awards, and was the recipient of the 2015 Glenn T. Seaborg Science Award to attend the Nobel Prize festival in Stockholm, Sweden. This award is given yearly to one student selected from the six liberal art colleges that were founded by Sweden. It funds a trip to attend a weeklong event called the Stockholm international youth science seminar in connection with the Nobel festivals in Dec 2015. At this international seminar, he will be presenting his undergraduate research on nuclear physics that he conducted with his Augustana professor in Michigan State University, and will be representing the Swedish Council of America.

Right now at Iowa State University, he is a member of the Arab Student Association, Puerto Rican Club, and ASME chapter, and is planning to join the Spanish Club after learning Spanish.