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A Glimpse Into the Lives You've Impacted


"I'm 22 years old and studied media and communication technology at the University College of Applied Science, I will graduate with honours by the end of July. CPPF was the main supporter during the bachelor stage and paid the university fees, thanks to this institution for its unlimited giving."


"I graduated from high school with a 95% GPA. I live in Khan Younes City and I'm studying English literature and methods of English language instruction in my 4th year. I will be graduating in the first semester next year. I would like to thank the CPPF and each member who contributed in making my dream come true because it was the reason I was able to overcome the financial difficulties even in university supplies like books etc.. I am very grateful to the CPPF and was happy to meet Dr. Abu Sittah."


"I am graduating this year. My high school GPA was 97.3%.  For me, the year 2014 was filled with very unpleasant things, and we had to go through lots of obstacles because of war. It prevented us from the sense of being happy or comfortable. One of the major unfortunate obstacles is that I was not able to study in the university of my dreams because they no longer offered scholarships for students with high marks in high school, then I learned about the CPPF scholarship. It came like a miracle that returned hope to me. As one of the students benefiting from the CPPF scholarship, I would like to express my gratitude to the CPPF for giving me the opportunity to study what I want, where I want."

Zainab Q.

"I graduated from High School with a 95.2% GPA in the year of destructive war, 2014. After the war, I registered in a university in Gaza. My sister attended the same university, however, I was not offered a sibling discount as the program was discontinued in the university. Hoping I would receive a scholarship, I registered to study physics and science. My family could not afford the cost of university since we have a big family and my father is old and disabled. I was very lucky to be among the selected students by the UNRWA to receive the CPPF scholarship. I would like to thank you all and thank the CPPF for giving me this opportunity. Wishing them great success in the future and always."

Muna S.

"I graduated high school with a 99.2% GPA and ranked 8th in the Gaza strip during the 2014 war. When I thought I was on to new beginnings after the war ended in 2014, I lost the most precious person in my life. My father. My emotional and financial situation was extremely terrible. I lost hope!! I thought to myself, am I going to continue pursuing what I want in life or am I just going to give up on all my dreams? I was so saddened by all the hardship I was facing until the day I received the news of my scholarship. I was accepted by the UNRWA to receive the CPPF scholarship. I was in disbelief, it was as if a savior was sent to me from heaven. I am currently fulfilling my dreams. I take this opportunity to thank the CPPF for all their great work and efforts. Their support and encouraging words helped me continue my journey. I do not feel alone anymore. I can’t find greater words to thank you for this opportunity; May Allah reward you for all the hard work you do."


"I'm currently studying in Azhar University in Gaza.  My greatest thanks go out to the CPPF board, members, sponsors and donors!!  Thank you."