Achievement Award

The CPPF Outstanding Student Achievement Award is an honor award that given for top Canadian Palestinian students, resident in Canada. Nominations/Applications are open annually in August on the grounds of their outstanding-nonacademic effort to serve the community, and academic achievements in the field of their study, using the award form.

Nominees/applicants are required to complete the form and submit a presentation for the award. Three winners will be selected by external referees who will evaluate their application and presentation which should outline the followings:

  • Motivations for pursuing their degree
  • Impacts of their degree on their life and community
  • Highlighting their non-academic activities

The award recipients are invited to deliver their presentation during the CPPF annual Gala. The first award winner receives a $700, second award winner $500 and third award winner $300 as well as a certificate.

CPPF Outstanding Student Achievement Award Form

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